Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Majlis Kesyukuran or Walimatul Urus?

Walimatulurus atau kenduri kahwin sunat(seperti majlis santapan makanan)diadakan dan menerima jemputannya adalah wajib (terdapat ulama mengatakan sunat). Ia bertujuan untuk menghebahkan kepada orang ramai mengenai perkahwinan tersebut, mengelakkan sangkaan buruk orang ramai sekiranya terjadi sesuatu perkata dan saudara mara dapat menyaksikan sendiri pernikahan mereka dan mendoakan kebahagiaan rumahtangga mereka...(fakta dari Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu)

Sekadar Contoh Kad Undangan Perkahwinan Bertemakan Majlis Kesyukuran

Fine and good the intention of 'Walimatul Urus' but when receiving wedding cards with the word "Majlis Kesyukuran' it can made a big difference for folks in an east coast state.  It is more 'islamic' to put the word 'majlis kesyukuran' rather than 'walimatul urus'  here.  Years ago (20 years ago?)  the word 'majlis kesyukuran' was not used to invite people to a wedding event.  But isn't the word 'walimatul urus' meant 'kesyukuran' too?....all thanks to the Almighty for a smooth event.  From my own experience during my daughter's wedding someone suggested 'majlis kesyukuran' should be printed on the wedding card beside the 'walimatul urus' ....oh what a confusion!  Daughter was adamant not to include the 'majlis kesyukuran' on the card and so be it because to her it meant the same.

It is such a big deal on using 'majlis kesyukuran' here cos 'Walimatul Urus' meant one has to 'give money' as a gift to the parents of the bride or bridegroom whilst 'Majlis Kesyukuran' one  just have to 'lenggang2 tangan kosong' (let me be specific...especially for men) to  the event and eat for free.  But tell me who in their right mind would go to a wedding without bringing a present or at least a kilogram of sugar?  I remember an ustaz while preaching saying he normally don't go to weddings that say 'Walimatulurus'....  now say what?  He is an ustaz for goodness sake...and i thought how could a religious man who preaches the good and the bad about religion  be so bias over this issue.  Personally i would prefer to receive a wedding card with 'Walimatul Urus' cos it costs me less than buying a present for a 'majlis kesyukuran' and I don't have the headache over what to buy as a perfect wedding gift.  Call me a cheapskate anytime but what if there's 5 'majlis kesyukuran' to attend and a present cost more than RM50.00 each...go figure.  I read in a blog somewhere a guest might not have the time to buy the right gifts and will substitute it with money and the host should received it with an open heart.  It does not matter whether it is 'majlis kesyukuran' or 'walimatul urus', it is the sincerity of the giver and the host that counts and also the 'silatulrahim' that will be cemented between them. 

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Azhan: kalau kesyukuran tak payah bawak duit. hahaha

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