Monday, 29 August 2011

Kejadian Sehari Sebelum 1 Syawal 1432....

Duk tengah asyik  baca blog Ridhuan Tee pagi ni tiba-tiba bunyi bising siren kereta bomba di luar sana...rupa-rupanya....bila jenguk kat muka pintu rumah ini yang kami nampak, kepul-kepul asap hitam!

Di seberang jalan aje tuh...abah budak-budak segera capai kunci motor dan ini kejadian seterusnya...

Kasihan jiran...bomba datang pun tidak dapat diselamatkan lagi rumah hatta  hartabenda.. tidak tahu apa punca terjadi kebakaran ini.  Apa yang tinggal untuk mereka beraya esok????

Friday, 26 August 2011

Berbuka Puasa...

This is what we had for berbuka puasa yesterday, lauk semua homemade kecuali belut paprik yang dibeli oleh anak sulung di bazar ramadhan.  Semua menangis makan belut paprik tu kerana teramatlah pedasnya.  Sup tulang was requested by daughter yang lama tak makan makanan airtangan mamanya. Abah di awal pagi lagi sudah menunggu di tempat orang jual tulang dan daging lembu yang tidak berapa jauh dari rumah.  Kalau pergi lambat kempunanlah jawabnya untuk makan sup tulang ni.   Inilah rupa belut paprik dalam besen besar di bazaar ramadhan.  

Ada beberapa gambar yang di ambil oleh daughter semasa dia membeli sedikit juadah di bazar ramadhan.  Saya memang tak berapa minat ke mana-mana bazaar ni sebab malas nak bersesak weh dengan orang ramai ke situ.  

Jalo Mas & Buah Tanjung

Putih Telur & Versi Buah Tanjung Besar

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cool Down Anger and Soften The Heart..

My friend had just started reading Surah Taha (the 20th Surah) in our trice weekly Quran classes, after finishing reading the 5th verse, Ustazah broke the silence and said Verses 1 - 5 can be read to cool down anger and soften the heart and she related the story of Saidina Umar (r.a) while in the state of anger had listened to this verses before he embraced Islam. She said the verses can be read to those who have anyone in the family who is a bit uncontrollable to manage  and  laughing jovially added ..." in case anyone of you here who has a fierce boss you can read the verses discreetly".  

1.  TaHa.  (These letters are one of the miracles of the Quran, and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings.)

2.  We have not sent down the Quran unto you (O Muhammad SAW) to cause you  distress,

3.  But only as a Reminder to those who fear (Allah).

4.  A revelation from Him (Allah) Who has created the earth and high heavens.

5.  The Most Beneficent (Allah) Istawa (rose over) the (Mighty) Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty).


I take this opportunity too to thank the management of the organisation where I am working who willingly provide us the staff with a few hours off from work to attend and to learn in-depth the Tajwid and more of the Al-Quran...May Allah Bless us all...

Not 72 but less than 24 about tht?

Yesterday morning had problem to go online and called up TM Customer Service and after following the usual procedure of choosing the right buttons, was connected to their technical staff.  After complaining the line has kaput  he checked my details and said shows that I'm connected on their side.  Asked am I using wireless or cable, I'm using cable now since the wireless was struck by lightning and so resort to using cable and how many pc in the house...ok there's two desktops and one laptop he   guided me step by step...go to Start, opened All Programs, click Accessories, open Command Prompt and now type C for China, O for Osaka, N for Norway and bla bla bla....enter! mujurlah kita ni boleh sikit-sikit tech ni so boleh ikut arahan dia.  No line lagi...there's still the exlaimation mark in the yellow triangle in the small monitor in the right hand corner of the screen. After several trys of going to Start again and bla bla bla but still not resolved...ok he is going to report the problem and gave me the report number and he told me that I will have to wait 24 hours and not 72 hours like what I read in one of the blogs (agaknya yesterday ada masalah line lah).  

A short while later I received a call from the local TM office confirming the report and their  tehnician will be checking if the problem is caused by them or is it just the line at home that is not working and their technical people will drop by my house to check the problem. Got the line back around 5 pm and the TM people here called to confirm it.  Earlier this morning there was a call from TM KB asking about the line and coincidentally the line was off for a while ok...they are working on it and it came back a bit later and just a few minutes ago there was another call from TM KL enquiring about my report and  yes I told him....the line is working perfectly.   Thank you TM Staff I appreciate your duly concerned and I am one satisfied customer!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

First Ever Homemade Serimuka Durian

My First Ever Homemade Serimuka Durian

First time buat serimuka durian tapi memang kuih ini one of my favourite kuih when I was a kid lagi and my late aunt used to make this kuih for us.  Sedap and lemak serimuka yang my late aunt buat but I never asked her for the recipe.  Cari-cari resepi yang mana mudah dan senang untuk diikut  untuk serimuka ini terjumpalah di blog Jom Masak, Jom Makan Makan (mohon izin share di sini)

I followed precisely the recipe and the result is....sedap and lemak!  But I alter it a bit and did not use the yellow colouring for the top layer but pound 2 pieces of pandan leaves and extract the green pandan juice instead and I also add in a few pieces of cloves in the pulut (like my aunt used to do).  Kuih dah jadi favourite hubby and he requested for it again a few days later.

I copy paste the recipe from JMJMM as below...

Bahagian bawah:

250 gm beras  pulut-cuci dan rendam 1 jam.
170 ml santan cair
1/2 tsp garam
2 helai daun pandan.


Satukan semua bahan-bahan diatas dan masukkan kedalam loyang yang dilapik dengan plastik.Kukus hingga masak.Keluarkan daun pandan.Tekan-tekankan  hingga pulut padat atau mampat.

Bahagian Atas:
150 gm isi durian.
3 biji telur
375 ml santan pekat.
35 gm tepung gandum
10 gm tepung jagung.
125 gm  gula.
1/2 tsp garam.
Sedikit pewarna kuning (guna air daun pandan)

  • Masukkan semua bahan-bahan diatas kedalam blender dan blend hingga sebati.
  • Tapiskan kedalam periuk dan masak sekejap dengan api perlahan dan hendaklah selalu dikacau agar tidak berketul-ketul.Bila hampir mendidih angkat.
  • Tuangkan kedalam loyang yang mengandungi pulut dan kukus hingga masak.
  • Apabila masak buka penutup kukusan dan biarkan kuih dalam pengukus diatas api selama 20 minit baru diangkat.
  • Apabila kuih betul-betul sejuk barulah dipotong.


Rugi dibiarkan Ramadan berlalu tanpa amal.
Rugi dibiarkan masa berlalu tanpa amal.
Kalau malas solat sunat 20 rakaat, boleh solat sunat 8 rakaat.
Kalau malas solat sunat, boleh buka dan baca alQuran.
Kalau malas buka alQuran, boleh baca ayat alQuran yang telah dihafal.
Kalau malas baca alQuran, boleh istighfar (minta ampun) ucapkan astagfirullah, astagfirullah, astagfirullah ..
Kalau malas istighfar, boleh zikir baca sebut.. la ila ha il lallah.. la ila ha il lallah.. la ila ha il lallah..
Kalau malas zikir sebut, tak payah sebut, baca dalam hati.. la ila ha il lallah.. la ila ha il lallah.. la ila ha il lallah..
Kalau malas zikir panjang dalam hati.. la ila ha il lallah.. pendekkan sedikit, zikir dalam hati.. ALLAH, ALLAH, ALLAH ..
Rugi dibiarkan masa berlalu tanpa amal.
Rugi dibiarkan Ramadan berlalu tanpa amal..

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

SALAM NUZUL AL-QURAN - 17 Ramadhan 1432

"Perumpamaan orang Mukmin yang membaca Al-Quran, adalah seperti bunga utrujjah, baunya harum dan rasanya lazat; orang Mukmin yang tidak membaca Al-Quran, adalah seperti buah kurma, baunya tidak begitu harum, tapi manis rasanya; orang munafiq yang membaca Al-Quran ibarat sekuntum bunga, berbau harum, tetapi pahit rasanya; dan orang munafiq yang tidak membaca Al-Quran, ia tak ubah seperti buah hanzalah, tidak berbau dan rasanya pahit sekali." (HR Bukhari)
Sourced from :Tazkirah FB

A Boring Entry ...Speak to a Bot????

Nothing else better to do so...start talking to a bot ......

Me: Kind of cool talking to a bot.

Cleverbot: No. You're not.

Me: Why not?

Cleverbot: Because I said so.

Me: I don't have to listen to you.

Cleverbot: Yes you do! I own you!
Me: Omg...when do you own me?

Cleverbot: Now.
Me: I see so you can control what I'm doing?

Cleverbot: Oh no! What's the matter?
Me: Talk straight pls.

Cleverbot: Who are you?
Me: Just another statistic in this beautiful world.

Cleverbot: Ok. You can be my sidekick!
Me: Ok so what's my job as your sidekick?

Cleverbot: Probably meaning.
Me: Don't understand what you mean at all.

Cleverbot: Of course you don't.
Me: So its a world of computing for you.

Cleverbot: Okay.
Me: You are kind of boring aren't you>.

Cleverbot: Trust me, you are bring too.
Me: What do you mean 'bring'?

Cleverbot: You are a bot.
Me: Hey come are the bot.

Cleverbot: I'm a person. You are a bot.
Me: Mengada2 lah dia ni.

Cleverbot: You are a man.
Me: Whatever...

Cleverbot: Meow.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Strange But True Health Tip

Break a High Fever With Your Armpits
Anything up to 102°F is mild and can be treated by drinking plenty of fluids. But to quickly bring down a reading above that, put an ice pack under your arm or near your groin. Icing either spot will cool your body's core. It's uncomfortable, but it works fast. Then see a doctor.  (Copy paste from Yahoo article)

Reading the health tip above brings back memories when I was a kid.  Whenever anyone of us had a slightly high fever mum would immediately fill a bowl of water and filled it with 'daun sireh' (betel leaf) which was always available at hand because mum was a hardcore daun sireh eater.  She would crushed the daun sireh into pieces, add in a bit of 'cekur' (sand ginger) and limau purut (kaffir lime) the fruit and juice were added in too.
Daun Sireh

In those days we live in a traditional malay house and near the kitchen area the planks have spacings in between...we would lie down on a mengkuang mat with our heads on a rolled-up towel just above 
the mat.  Mum would gently pour the water using a polished brownish 'tempurung kelapa' (coconut shell) with small holes all around it, this acts as a strainer I think..  And what a bliss feeling it was...I can still remember the cool water running down my head with mum's fingers gently massaging it and the aromatic smell of the daun sireh, cekur  and limau purut still lingers ....

Tempurung Kelapa

Lyrics of Dean Martin's song ni tak relate langsung dengan cerita di atas tapi ada words Memories Are Made of This tu dah memadai dan suka akan rentaknya...

Monday, 8 August 2011

Still Driving?

How do you know when it is time to
"hang up the car keys"?
I say when your dog has this look on his face!
A picture is worth a thousand words!

I bet you will send this one on
It made me smile too!
 Happy Days!

Thank you Ta for this email...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kalau Sudah Tidak Peka....

Bukan nak memburuk-burukkan orang di bulan yang mulia dan penuh barakah ni tapi adat hidup berjiran ini kita kena peka, prihatin, menjaga hati jiran-jiran supaya tidak menyusah atau menimbulkan perasaan tidak senang hati antara  kedua belah pihak malah dalam Islam pun memang ada ajaran adat-adat berjiran.  Tetapi  ada orang tak nak peka nak buat macam mana....kita ni pulak kononnya nak menjaga hati jiran tak nak bermasam muka kerana selama ini pun memang hubungan mesra alam semuanya dengan mereka.

And so this eyesore sight above greets us every time we step out of the house now.  Before semak samun di sebelah jalan tu terjadi hubby rajin trim rumput-rumput di luar pagar tu...yelah dah jalan tu menghala ke rumah kita hendak juga nampak bersih kan...The pile of crusher run dumped outside our gate too belongs to the neighbour for goodness know what project they need a lorry full for....from what I see dia guna sikit aje batu-batu tu and the rest dibiarkan di situ sampai sudah tumbuh pokok di sekeliling.  Hubbylah yang paling frust dengan keadaan sekarang, nak cakap direct suruh jiran ni buang semua benda yang ditanamnya dan longgokan batu crusher tu takut disalaherti pulak, kalau hubby sendiri yang buang lagilah parah.  Like what happened to my sil when her neighbour's cat always pays a visit to her house and leave its poop on the doorstep every day.  She got tired of having to wash it off every day and mentioned it  to someone of her dilemma, the next thing  she knew the neighbour came over and scolded her for telling tales!  See....some neighbours loves to turn a blind eye on what might be a discomfort to their neighbours.  

Daiyan's Giant Caterpillars (Part II)

                                      CEO of RapidKL's tweet inviting Daiyan to visit LRT depot...                          ...