Saturday, 5 May 2012

Kuah Hijau Kuah Merah

A small feast of Lakso Siam last Friday at the request of my eldest girl who was back from KL for the long weekend (Labour Day).  At last after six long years my eldest girl is expecting and anything that you wish dear daughter... at this moment we will try to fulfill :)

Lakso Kuah Merah dan Kuah Hijau

Both the red and green gravy of this lakso was prepared by Adik Yoh whose family is really like our own family.  Terima kasih adik yoh kerana sudi memasak semua ini untuk kami walaupun sedang mengalami beberapa komplikasi kesihatan.  

It was the more merrier when Teh brings along Kak Norlia, her close friend from Gombak KL, who was in KB for a few days visiting Teh.  Both of them were former Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka's (DBP)  editors.

Kak Nor with Cindy

Kemain lagi si cindy duk atas riba kak nor... tak heran sebab kak nor ni pencinta kuching, di rumah beliau ada 12 ekor anak meow ni.

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