Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pulut Duriyae

Pulut Duriyae

Delicious Pulut Durian

I cannot help but to post it in my blog...typical kelantanese will eat 'pulut durian' like in the picture above.  Cooked glutinous rice, coconut milk and topped with a bit of sugar...yummy!  Saw the delicious pics of the pulut durian when i logged into facebook earlier this morning, posted by Teh, my sister.  They were celebrating 'Wann Kerd' (birthday in thai language) for Teh's maid by having a feast of pulut duriyae...

Birthday Girl in the middle
Orang lain potong kek masa 'wann kerd', dia 'potong' pulut pulok...hehe


Teh Ani said...

Kalau org Malaysia tak suka makan durian tu, rasanya pelik ya. tapi kalau makan durian kena makan dgn seluruh keluarga kalau seorg saja yang makan, bilo sendawa, org yg tak belum makan durian tu tak boleh tolerate. hihihi

naniasda said...

There's one at home who cannot tolerate duriyae and won't even put an itsy bitsy bit in his mouth at all...takde nikmat idup kalau x makan duriyae weh huhu..

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