Friday, 21 October 2011

Those Long Bygone Days..

Zaman Horey Horey

Had a nice surprise when my elder sister Teh, the happy gal 3rd from right posted this long ago picture on FB because I cannot recall this picture ever existed.  My sister, at the moment is into collecting old family pictures and recording stories of long ago from both our paternal and maternal older relatives for the benefit of our later generation in the family getting first hand knowledge of our Tok Nenek and our roots.  

The picture above was taken on a Hari Raya day (early 60s) at our aunt's house who lives on the outskirts of KB.  Life was uncomplicated when we were young so thus the happy smiles on the girls faces. There's our two cousins between my late brother and Teh and between Teh and me.  Still wondering why was my younger sis socks black or was it painted over?  

I salute you Teh on your keen effort in compiling our family's past history (hopefully into a book) just for our family's benefit and record :D


Teh Ani said...

Am trying to remember colours, sunah's dress was pink, the stocking was dark red, yours blue similar to mine, Nab;s dark red, Din, white n brown shorts, arwah Ying's baju melayu was pink....the sampin black.

naniasda said...

Eh terror teh can still remember the colours? I only remember one dress which i wore with large colourful polka dots on it :)

Nita said...

Alhamdulillah. Thank u Teh for the pictures and her effort in writing the family roots. Even at chapter 1, i discovered alot about the family and cannot wait for the following chapters. May ALLAH gives her the strength and will and Insyallah complete this book of family history. To know who we really are we need to know the history. Only then we appreciate and bersyukur the nikmat ALLAH has bestowed on us.

naniasda said...

Ni Kunta Kinte punya pasal la dih? tht we need to know our roots :D

Teh Ani said...

Alhamdulillah. Teh pun berdoa begitu juga Ita. Masa Teh sakit dulu pun, antara Teh terasa belum selesai ialah menulis untuk berkongsi maklumat tentang keluarga kita. Teh tau anak2 sdr dan cucu2 sdr yang tertanya-tanya asal usul keluarga kita. Insya Allah Teh akan lakukan yang terbaik. Terima kasih kerana sudi membacanya.
Ngah, l remember that dress, tanah putih, polka dot warna merah,hijau,unggu.hihihi

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