Thursday, 11 June 2015

tokbah jahit eyelet curtain

Satu lagi posting terperap dalam draf...macam biasa upload gambar dulu dan dibiarkan jadi jeruk buat seberapa lama. Looking back at my blog archive  I only managed to come out with only a posting a month..well...not bad for a blogger who never give a thought when the sun rises and sets what topic should she blog about every day...hmmm.

Ok back to this business of sharing the method how to produce the 'holes' in an eyelet curtain.  I am not familiar with the term eyelet curtains so here what it says after searching what it means via Mr. Google...Eyelet curtains are a clean, elegant contemporary look, producing fluted columns of fabric that show off prints to perfection and give a lovely sculptured look to plain fabrics. The flat 'head' (top edge) of these curtains means that they slack back really effectively off the window without taking up too much room.  

I mentioned 'holes' in the curtain because that is what this posting is all about, sewing the whole six panels of the curtain is no big deal to the scissors not trigger handling happy looking man in the picture below but to make the perfect round holes is a big deal to him.  Of course I am of no help at all in this sewing business...never good at handling scissors thread and needles and of course the sewing machine ...leave it all to the man of the house, he sewed all the curtains in the house (yang ada loop tu) and other DIY odd jobs around the house, he is the one my siblings/ex-bosses/family friends called upon  for  help in minor maintenance work around the house and aptly my sisters referred to him as our own MacGyver..hahaha.  Whenever we travel to KL to visit our daughter be sure to spare a quarter of the space in the car boot for his tool boxes, one might never know something needs fixing around her house too.

Upon the desperate need of our eldest daughter and like any good Abah when it is possible, never to turn down his children's request.    Dini always has faith in her Abah especially when it comes to sewing curtains of course.  She dragged us to the newly opened Jakel Mall to buy the materials...yang si Abah ni ingat boleh saja jahit curtain yang simple-simple, rupa-rupanya nak yang design eyelet ni.  Curtain ini for main sliding door at her new house in Subang lepas raya puasa ini berpindah ke situ. Berjam-jam tunggu demo duo oghe tu duk tanya salesgirl and tengok samples curtains di Jakel macam mana nok jahit curtain jenis eyelet.

One might asked why not seek Mr. Google on how the rest of  the world make the 'holes'... as I was not involved in this sewing scheme, I particularly do not pay enough attention to what he is doing..he never even trust me to help iron the material thus it did not cross my mind to help search this hole making business on you tube.

None of the tailoring shops specializing in sewing curtains in town agreed to help cut the holes on  readymade curtains and all of them told him it is DIY our DIY man here had to put on his thinking cap how to cut perfect holes.  Fikir punya fikir...this is the first sample he did by cutting rough frayed circles and being always a detailed person on how his work is always done (he was a site technician involving construction projects and was always a pain in the neck for main and sub-contractors for demanding good quality work in the projects, there was a case of a main contractor asking him to quit his job and if he did the contractor would slaughter a kambing...hahaha!).  He told me it is not wrong to demand for good quality clean work tapi kan banyak kontraktor ni suka cincai cincai punya kerja...asal siap bangunan within contracted time...kalau runtuh tu lain punya hal lah...kerja bukan dengan iman begini jadinya.

At last he came up with the idea of drawing the circles on the material and sewed it first before cutting around the circles...I had a look at a video on you tube where the lady drew a circle too on the material and immediately paste the grommet casing around it

Tadaaaa...siap homemade eyelet curtain!

the man at work....

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