Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Mary Higgins Clark Library

  The idea to gather all of Mary Higgins Clarks books in my collection when on the author's wall on Facebook was posted this announcement earlier this month...

"Announcement time! Many of you have mentioned that you've collected many or even all of my books. Well, for the next two weeks, I want you to send me your photos of your own Mary Higgins Clark personal libraries! Also, be sure to enter the sweepstakes to win a SIGNED copy of THE LOST YEARS! Button is at the top of the timeline, third box over!"

but alas it was only for her US readers/fans who can enter the sweepstakes to win a signed copy of her latest book 'The Lost Years'. 

I started reading MHC in the early 1980s when sis Teh presented me with a copy of 'A Cry In The Night' and I was hooked from then on. 

Known as "The Queen of Suspense", Mary Higgins Clark is a "master plotter" who has the ability to slowly draw out the tension while making the reader think everyone is guilty. Her novels feature strong, independent young women who find themselves in the midst of a problem that they must solve with their own courage and intelligence. The heroines come across as real people who make sensible decisions, which makes it easier for readers, who sometimes think " "that could have happened to me, or to my to daughter," to relate to the situations. Her  books are written for adults, yet because she chooses not to include explicit sex or violence in her stories, they have become popular with children as young as twelve.

Most of the title of her books have been adapted into movies and telemovies but were not  as suspenseful and exciting as the books itself. 

Cindy pun suka jugak MHC!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Easy Orange Cake

Searching on the internet for an easy way on how to  bake an orange cake I found this recipe but I simplified it to make it more easier .  I'm no baker but sometimes like to eat home baked cakes when stuffs in the recipe is already at hand.   I just dumped the stuff in the food processor like I always see Nigella on her food show doing that...so easy and practical.

The recipe calls for....

250g butter  (whatever is left in the fridge I used it all up so it was less than 250g)
330 caster sugar (searched high and low and could not find any so substitute it with coarse granulated sugar and  gave it a spin first in the food processor to refine it a bit)
4 eggs
2 tablespoons grated orange rind (the other day I bought some Valencia oranges)
180 ml orange juice (didn't exactly reached that amount caused I only used 2 oranges - 150ml)

Add in the butter and orange rind with the sugar for the first spin and later add in the eggs, orange juice and the sifted flour.  By the way I used this flour...

'tanpa Benzoyl Peroksida' and the colour of the flour too is not pure white macam bedak Johnson.  Of course I add in a bit of baking powder nanti tak naik pulak kek tu.

Baked at 160 deg celcius  for one hour said the recipe but my oven is the cheap type so got to add another 20 mins..

It's done and who cares it cracked in some places as long as the  taste is of an orange cake...

Looks dense and not fluffy and still who cares as long as it is home baked and not for sale...hehe

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Oh heck!!!!!!

Dah buka baru perasan expiry date.......oh heck!!!!!!!!!!

Bought it on....

how come it's still on the shelf??????

Two days later in another 'giant' supermarket ..... how come this brand is sharing space with the others????????

Dah halal ke?????????

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Demong Beach Resort

Last friday morning at Demong Beach Resort, Besut .... ada hari keluarga anjuran pejabat - accomodation, makan free dan dengar khabar daripada urusetia  semua yang pergi mesti dapat hadiah kalau ambil bahagian dalam sukanika dan ada cabutan bertuah pada malamnya semua staff akan dapat habuan masing-masing...so apa lagi ikut sertalah kita ni.

Dua beradik bertafakur sekejap...

Indahnya langit di waktu pagi, cahaya matahari dicelah-celah awan

Senja menjelang....

Demong Beach Resort

Semasa check-in di resort setiap keluarga diberi satu beg penuh dengan makanan ringan dan buah-buahan, of course bukan resort yang bagi tapi pejabat kita ler.  

Kawasan dalam resort dan kolam renang, ada chalet disebelah resort ini.

Sebahagian daripada sukanika yang kaum Hawa participate...

Angry bird pun ada...hadiah untuk kanak-kanak yang ambil bahagian dalam sukanika

Tak tahu apa nama pokok ini, dari jauh nampak macam buah nenas but pineapples don't grow on this tree

Highlight of the day...cabutan bertuah masa dinner, I prayed hard for the microwave dan Allah Yang Maha Mendengar..alhamdulillah.  Mangkuk dan pinggan hadiah semasa main sukanika.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mediocre Blogger

Last year on this date  3rd of April 2011 had the 'brilliant' idea to create a blog..yelah saja hendak join  bloggers yang berjumlah beratus ribu (mungkin berjuta?) anyway I think Malaysia has the most bloggers sama macam yang ada akaun facebook...berjuta-juta jugak dari Malaysia.... malas nak check the actual figure but it reaches millions. Looks like Malaysians got nothing else better to do but spilling their beans here...yours truly included..huhu

This is what I wrote in my first posting...
no idea whatsoever yet what to fill in this blog...ok...give it some time and i'm still thinking, still thinking :)
till now still thinking on what to write here....bleh!

my second posting...
banyak punya steps nak kena ikut nak blogging nih...ni yg malas nih..mak oiii.

kalau dah ada perkataan 'malas' tu semua memang tak jadi...sigh...

Till one fine day..... i noticed a comment on my second posting....I was wondering whoever in the world is taking a peek at my blog?

"welcome to our world.  i felt the same masa mula2 bukak blog Kjee. to be exact on 25/01/2011. just jot down what u feel. after a while, everything's a breeze. Percayalah!!
don't just stick to one topic. hentam saja. be yourself. I follow! " 
(comment left by  Dunia dari Dapur Kjee)

A very comforting and inspiring comment to a newbie blogger and that starts the ball rolling a bit!  I like the word 'hentam saja' and yup she was the first follower to this mediocre blog.  As for followers... not worth bragging about it here...huhu.

Like the title above...I am just a mediocre blogger jostling for a space in the blog world with no  interesting topics to blog about.  Nevertheless it is interesting to note that blogs that catches the fancy of  the masses of bloggers here in this country are the blogs that depict their personal lifestyles and gossips of local celebrities.   Interesting to note too that sweet-young-things (SYT) too attract loads of followers ...no explaination needed.  These sort of blogs even when they post a nondescript picture on their blogs will raked in thousands or hundreds of comments.  When I entered the world of blogging it was on my mind not to be too personal on what I write but sometimes one cannot help but mention one or two things about the family.  Ok...each to his or her own way of blogging kan......one cannot stay  anonymous for a long period of time.  Even if you are monyet king (no intention of ridiculing anybody) your circle of friends will still know its you who is blogging.

 I have to thank Kak Puteri (kata kama) for linking my mediocre blog to her bloglist.  I am so honoured to be included in her bloglist.  I have been reading her refreshing and humourous way of observations on life blog for several years since 2008.  I got to know her blog via Kak Teh's Choc-A-Bloc-Blog.  Before my timid venture into the world of blogging Kak Puteri and Kak Teh's blogs were my staple diet (reading not eating hehe) everyday.  Pakcik of Al-Manar ...I am so honoured that he find the time to visit my blog and leaving highly valued comments on some of my postings.  His blog is one such that should be an example to all of us and what he is contributing to the local society is priceless and thus his motto.."berkhidmat kerana tuhan untuk kemanusiaan" (to serve God for the good of humanity... I hope this is the correct translation).

Last but not least thank you Teh and Sunah for being my most strongest supporters in encouraging me to blog....I love u both Sis and don't worry Still Thinking will still be around with more mediocre postings.  

Monday, 2 April 2012

Irfan Playing Chopin

Performing with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra with Conductor Dariusz Mikulski at Mahidol University, Bangkok in 2010.

Daiyan's Giant Caterpillars (Part II)

                                      CEO of RapidKL's tweet inviting Daiyan to visit LRT depot...                          ...