Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Different Kind of Man Indeed

A good lesson for all the politikus (ehem...politicians) out there.....wherever you are!  Sharing this from a blog i follow...masterwordsmith-unplugged.  Enough said.....

This seems unreal..... 

Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation's history as any of the other 42 Presidents preceding him. However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.

The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence Missouri. His wife had inherited the house from her mother and father and other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there.

When he retired from office in 1952, his income was a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an 'allowance' and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home to Missouri by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them.

When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, "You don 't want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it's not for sale.."

Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, "I don't consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise."

As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.

Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today, many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while enjoying the fruits of their offices. Political offices are now for sale. (sic. Illinois )

Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, "My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!

I say dig him up and clone him!!

-Author Unknown-

Friday, 27 May 2011


Nostalgia.....mula-mula kenal Engelbert thru this song..eleh macam lah kenal Engelbert personally...perasannya aku..haha

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Three pieces of advice to the Muslim home - Islamweb ladies' - islamweb.net

Three pieces of advice to the Muslim home - Islamweb ladies' - islamweb.net

Majlis Kesyukuran or Walimatul Urus?

Walimatulurus atau kenduri kahwin sunat(seperti majlis santapan makanan)diadakan dan menerima jemputannya adalah wajib (terdapat ulama mengatakan sunat). Ia bertujuan untuk menghebahkan kepada orang ramai mengenai perkahwinan tersebut, mengelakkan sangkaan buruk orang ramai sekiranya terjadi sesuatu perkata dan saudara mara dapat menyaksikan sendiri pernikahan mereka dan mendoakan kebahagiaan rumahtangga mereka...(fakta dari Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu)

Sekadar Contoh Kad Undangan Perkahwinan Bertemakan Majlis Kesyukuran

Fine and good the intention of 'Walimatul Urus' but when receiving wedding cards with the word "Majlis Kesyukuran' it can made a big difference for folks in an east coast state.  It is more 'islamic' to put the word 'majlis kesyukuran' rather than 'walimatul urus'  here.  Years ago (20 years ago?)  the word 'majlis kesyukuran' was not used to invite people to a wedding event.  But isn't the word 'walimatul urus' meant 'kesyukuran' too?....all thanks to the Almighty for a smooth event.  From my own experience during my daughter's wedding someone suggested 'majlis kesyukuran' should be printed on the wedding card beside the 'walimatul urus' ....oh what a confusion!  Daughter was adamant not to include the 'majlis kesyukuran' on the card and so be it because to her it meant the same.

It is such a big deal on using 'majlis kesyukuran' here cos 'Walimatul Urus' meant one has to 'give money' as a gift to the parents of the bride or bridegroom whilst 'Majlis Kesyukuran' one  just have to 'lenggang2 tangan kosong' (let me be specific...especially for men) to  the event and eat for free.  But tell me who in their right mind would go to a wedding without bringing a present or at least a kilogram of sugar?  I remember an ustaz while preaching saying he normally don't go to weddings that say 'Walimatulurus'....  now say what?  He is an ustaz for goodness sake...and i thought how could a religious man who preaches the good and the bad about religion  be so bias over this issue.  Personally i would prefer to receive a wedding card with 'Walimatul Urus' cos it costs me less than buying a present for a 'majlis kesyukuran' and I don't have the headache over what to buy as a perfect wedding gift.  Call me a cheapskate anytime but what if there's 5 'majlis kesyukuran' to attend and a present cost more than RM50.00 each...go figure.  I read in a blog somewhere a guest might not have the time to buy the right gifts and will substitute it with money and the host should received it with an open heart.  It does not matter whether it is 'majlis kesyukuran' or 'walimatul urus', it is the sincerity of the giver and the host that counts and also the 'silatulrahim' that will be cemented between them. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Apa Kejadahnya..........

Peraturan peraturan peraturan...........what a bore!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rules are made to be broken or is it??  When you are at my age (dah nak pencen n sudah masuk alam warga 'golden era') what's all the fuss about eh?  Old people or should i say 'old staff' should not be burdened with new rules anymore.......but who's going to stand up and champion us here?  Frankly younger staff are feeling the tension too and they still have many years to endure the rule unless someone clever enough decides to bend the rules a bit ...Inilah punca ke'tensionan' kami semua tua and muda ....

Bermula 2 Mei baru-baru ini semua anggota hendaklah dengan rasminya mencatat dalam buku khas 'Buku Catatan Keluar/Masuk Anggota' menyatakan tujuan urusan itu rasmi or tidak rasmi.  'Nak turun makan di kantin pun kena catat dalam buku ini'  maklum pegawai yang memberi briefing yang panjang lebar mengenai peraturan yang 'terpaksa' diikuti oleh semua anggota tak kira kau ni pegawai ke, anggota sokongan ke..di satu perhimpunan anggota pada satu pagi ahad... apa kejadahnya ni! pergi makan di kantin pun kena tulis?   Ok....it must be because of  the lackadaisical attitude of govt staff all over the country before that made the people in power to 're-introduce' this rule and be firmed about it.  Apart from the book, a form must be filled in stating your personal reasons leaving the office for such and such hours unless its for official duties which make it all the more stifling and urggggggh.  Well...happy are the people who can follow all rules to a T and granted the excellence award too every year eventhough you and i know how our work here is carried out. 

Monday, 2 May 2011

3 in 1

"Duk sebut acak-acak perkataan 3~in~1, 3~in~1 tu blako tahu ke apa maknanya???...Itu adalah dakyah orang kristian  secara halus  nak mempengaruhi minda kita orang islam.  Sebenarnya 3~in~1 itu adalah trinity yang disebut-sebut dalam ugama kristian tuh." Lantang aje suara ustazah ni explain apa maksud di sebalik 3~in~1 ni di suatu ceramah baru-baru ini.  Tetapi tidak pulak dia sebut apa kebenda trinity tuh...otak yang cetek ni pernah jugak dengar apa trinity tu...the father, the son and the holy ghost, macam yang diucap oleh archbishop semasa mengahwinkan putera williams dan catherine middleton baru-baru ni. Pertama kali dengar 3~in~1 ada makna lain pulak.  Entahlah ..tidak pernah terfikir sampai begitu sekali 3~in~1 ni boleh memesong akidah kita sebagai seorang islam...yang tahu benda tu adalah teh atau kopi yang dicampur dengan dua bahan lain iaitu gula dan non-dairy creamer saja. Hendak bercakap secara terperinci lagi tidaklah saya berpengetahuan dalam bahagian ini.  Bila dicerita kepada rakan-rakan di pejabat, mereka pun tidak pernah berfikir sampai ke situ apa makna 3~in~1 ni.  Sampai ke bab-bab aurat lelaki pun disentuh ustazah ni....orang lelaki yang memakai seluar 3/4 tu walaupun labuh ke bawah lutut tapi menampakkan bulu kaki mengaibkan katanya.....betul ke?  Macam mana pulak dengan puak tabligh yang selalunya memakai kain sarung singkat menampakkan betis?  Ok sampai sini saja tak nak cerita lagi...Wallahualam...Allah Knows Best....

akhirnya..terlaksana jugak hajat Dinner @ Rebung!

Sudah beberapa kali rancang semasa ke KL hendak ke Restoran Rebung tak kira lah makan tengahari atau makan malam.  Tuan punya restoran pu...