Saturday, 26 November 2011

So True...

From the most astonishing of things that you know Allah,
yet you do not love Him ..
You hear His caller,
yet you delay in responding to Him..
You know the extent of His wrath,
yet you expose yourself to it..
You taste the anguish of loneliness when disobeying Him,
yet you do not seek intimacy by obeying Him..
You experience the heart constricting when speaking of other than Him,
yet you do not desire the heart's expanse by engaging in remembrance of Him or communion with Him..
You experience the torment of attaching the heart to other than Him,
yet you do not escape from it to the bliss of devoting yourself to Him and repenting to Him..
More astonishing still is the fact that you know you are in dire need of Him,
yet you turn away from Him and hanker after that which distances you from Him..
[Ibn al-Qayyim] 

(Sourced from HOTD)


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