Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Time to Untangle

 Just writing/typing about this Captive Portal activated by the Management Information System (MIS) Dept since last week, no more smooth flow to surf  websites  when at every 30 minutes, btw I think it is less than 30 minutes (even though the administrators insisted that it was 30 mins), users will have to re-log and untangle this captive portal....such a pain in the rear or whatever!

Tak boleh nak complain lebih-lebih sebab dengan kebetulannya  kita ni kerja di bahagian MIS ini.  Memang pun ada peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh MAMPU (ke apa nama jabatan yang kendali teknologi maklumat di negara ini) cara-cara penggunaan ICT di pejabat masing-masing. 

It sure is one way of blocking users in the office to go gallivanting freely to outrageous sites and what about  that 'particular  staff'  who really loves to check-in on her blog and other blogs during her office hours and sometimes when she got a sudden brainwave decides to post in an entry like right here, right now...hikhik. 

Saja nak luahkan perasaan yang amat tidak berkenan dengan penggunaan CP di ofis ni but who am I to complain  huhu..... 

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