Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Where is the Integrity????

On the way home from work today I made a stop at a bread shop to buy what else...bread lah.  I handed the cashier a RM50 note and she handed the note back to apa macam ni?  Tengok lah rupa note tuh...hidung Agung dah berlubang dan di tepi koyak dan berlubang.

Bukan kita nak tipu cashier bagi duit rupa macam tu.  Langsung tak perasan.   Looks like the note was run over by a tractor.  The question here is why such notes are passed on to bank customers???  I don't make a habit of going thru piece by piece the cash i withdraw frm the atm to check if they were in good condition but i do check if the amount i withdraw is correct and i must have missed looking at this one.  Mana integriti pekerja bank ini and if i may so MAYBANK yang memasukkan duit ni dalam atm.  PM duk sibuk2 cakap pasal integrity now and it looks like there is no effect on some rakyat.  Di ofis pun CEO cakap pasal integrity...boring lah!  Kita yang sibuk-sibuk nak jaga integriti semasa menjalan tugas sepertimana yang diarah tapi masih ada golongan yang kelabu asap pasal benda integriti ni.   Integrity my foot buat dia orang barangkali!  And what happen if this is the only note i have in my purse at tht time?  Tak makan rotilah malam ni and pagi esok jawabnya. Dahlah aku ni at the moment the only breadwinner of the family.. sedih bukan kepalang, kena tipu dengan bank dengan duit yang tak laku!!  Di supermarket pun kena jugak macam ni...cashier bagi change yang RM1  yang kena accident teruk.  Mana integriti kamu semua nih?  Kerja tidak amanah dan tanpa iman.  I'm going to call the bank tomorrow and if they refuse to change the note...Aku tak redha dunia akhirat..hahaha

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Teh Ani said...

Atm cash deposit is another headache when u're trying to pay using the machine using new RM 50.00.

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