Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I Believe.....

I dedicate the poem below to my son who will soon be going back to his college for the new semester with a whole lot of new syllabus of subjects  he mentioned in here as weird and scary???  You know son...we will always be right behind you  supporting because we believe in you....

I Believe You Can Accomplish Anything You Choose
By Unknown

If you could see through my eyes,
I wonder what you’d be feeling right now,
Because I can see you standing
As you really are -

Powerful, sensitive, determined, and gracious.
I can see you achieving everything you choose to achieve.
I can see you being exactly who and what you want to be.
Look through my eyes for an instant,

And you’ll see yourself
Conquering all limitations.
Look through my eyes,
And see who you really are

And what you are capable of.
You can accomplish anything –
I know you can.


Teh Ani said...

Insya Allah u can do it, Azri.

naniasda said...

Thank you Teh :)

Nik Azri Abdullah said...

Thank you so much Mama..beautiful hehe :)
and thanks Teh, insyaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Azri Boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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