Saturday, 20 August 2011

Not 72 but less than 24 about tht?

Yesterday morning had problem to go online and called up TM Customer Service and after following the usual procedure of choosing the right buttons, was connected to their technical staff.  After complaining the line has kaput  he checked my details and said shows that I'm connected on their side.  Asked am I using wireless or cable, I'm using cable now since the wireless was struck by lightning and so resort to using cable and how many pc in the house...ok there's two desktops and one laptop he   guided me step by step...go to Start, opened All Programs, click Accessories, open Command Prompt and now type C for China, O for Osaka, N for Norway and bla bla bla....enter! mujurlah kita ni boleh sikit-sikit tech ni so boleh ikut arahan dia.  No line lagi...there's still the exlaimation mark in the yellow triangle in the small monitor in the right hand corner of the screen. After several trys of going to Start again and bla bla bla but still not resolved...ok he is going to report the problem and gave me the report number and he told me that I will have to wait 24 hours and not 72 hours like what I read in one of the blogs (agaknya yesterday ada masalah line lah).  

A short while later I received a call from the local TM office confirming the report and their  tehnician will be checking if the problem is caused by them or is it just the line at home that is not working and their technical people will drop by my house to check the problem. Got the line back around 5 pm and the TM people here called to confirm it.  Earlier this morning there was a call from TM KB asking about the line and coincidentally the line was off for a while ok...they are working on it and it came back a bit later and just a few minutes ago there was another call from TM KL enquiring about my report and  yes I told him....the line is working perfectly.   Thank you TM Staff I appreciate your duly concerned and I am one satisfied customer!

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